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National Trail Relays
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National Trail Relays

Back by popular demand!

Join us in June as we celebrate International Trails Day 2022. Be part of a team that relays across one of 24 of the most celebrated long-distance trails in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

24 Relays (Trails) | 352 Legs | 2249 Miles

Each trail will be split into bite-sized chunks and we are putting them out to the trail running community.

The challenge: Each trail will have just one dedicated team relaying along it. Together with your team you will relay the full distance non-stop day and night. Your progress will be tracked live online using your team's GPS relay baton.

All of the trails are planned to finish on National Trails Day, Saturday June the 4th. Longer trails which take more than 24hrs to complete will start in the days preceding the 4th.

Be the first to know when the ballot opens on April the 15th. This will give you the optimum chance of claiming your preferred leg. Remember, there are only 352 legs on offer in the ballot!


Important info:

15th - 18th April: Ballot open! Choose your preferred trail(s) and leg(s).

21st April: Results of the ballot are published (notifications sent to everyone whether successful or not via email).

Cost: There is no cost to register your interest and there is no cost to enter the ballot. Only at the point you are successful in the ballot will you need to pay 30 / 30 to secure your place. This entry fee includes a t-shirt, certificate and a 5 / 5 contribution to the trail.


Let's go!

Join a team of like-minded outdoor junkies on what is sure to be a weekend to remember!

Go. Run. Never Give Up.

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The response to the NTR 2022 ballot has been terrific - thank you!

Those who have secured a leg will be contacted with further details closer to the challenge.

We are still looking for runners to fill the following relay legs:

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Leg 14 Blue Lagoon > Melin Tregwynt
Leg 17 Cwm-yr-Eglwys > Ceibwr Bay
Leg 18 Ceibwr Bay > Cardigan

South West Coast Path

Leg 58: Hartland Point > Buck's Mill
Leg 61: Instow > Chivenor

Full details of individual legs are available on 'The Trails' tab.

Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] if you would like to join the team!

Explore the trails and decide on your preferred legs here.

Please see the 'Maps' tab for a visual breakdown of the trails and the individual relay legs.

The published start times of each leg are given as a guide only; due to the nature of these challenges these will of course vary.

Grade: 1 is easy, 5 is tough.

North Downs Way - 126 miles

1FarnhamGuildford10.5103.06.2022 22:15:00View Route OnlineJ, Wiggins
2GuildfordDorking8.9204.06.2022 00:00:00View Route OnlineI, Park
3DorkingBetchworth8.6204.06.2022 01:30:00View Route OnlineG, Varga
4BetchworthCaterham11.0304.06.2022 03:00:00View Route OnlineA, Mazlo
5CaterhamKnockholt10.4304.06.2022 04:45:00View Route OnlineL, Sheard
6KnockholtWrotham11.0304.06.2022 06:30:00View Route OnlineT, Saunders
7WrothamRochester10.5304.06.2022 08:15:00View Route OnlineJ, Gibson
8RochesterMaidstone10.7304.06.2022 10:00:00View Route OnlineP, Cohen
9MaidstoneLenham9.7304.06.2022 11:45:00View Route OnlineM, Foy
10LenhamWye10.0104.06.2022 13:15:00View Route OnlineI, Howden
11WyeFarthing9.3204.06.2022 15:00:00View Route OnlineC, Barton
12FarthingCapel-le-Ferne10.1304.06.2022 16:30:00View Route OnlineC, Carter
13Capel-le-FerneDover5.2104.06.2022 18:15:00View Route OnlineL, Carter
Pembrokeshire Coast Path - 178 miles

1MarrosTenby10.4303.06.2022 12:45:00View Route OnlineA, Clarke
2TenbyFreshwater East10.2303.06.2022 14:30:00View Route OnlineL, Taylor
3Freshwater EastMerrion9.9303.06.2022 16:15:00View Route OnlineF, Dy
4MerrionWest Angle Bay10.6203.06.2022 18:00:00View Route OnlineV, Dy
5West Angle BayHundleton11.0203.06.2022 19:45:00View Route OnlineS, Wood
6HundletonLlanstadwell10.0203.06.2022 21:30:00View Route OnlineM, Hodges
7LlanstadwellSandy Haven9.0203.06.2022 23:15:00View Route OnlineT, Hughes-Jenkins
8Sandy HavenSt Annes Head9.3204.06.2022 00:45:00View Route OnlineN, Kirby
9St Annes HeadSt Brides Bay10.7304.06.2022 02:15:00View Route OnlineS, Duthie
10St Brides BayNolton Haven9.7304.06.2022 04:00:00View Route OnlineD, Flynn
11Nolton HavenSolva7.8204.06.2022 05:45:00View Route OnlineW, Davies
12SolvaRhosson9.8204.06.2022 07:00:00View Route OnlineTBC
13RhossonBlue Lagoon9.7304.06.2022 08:45:00View Route OnlineD, Phillips
14Blue LagoonMelin Tregwynt9.3304.06.2022 10:30:00View Route OnlineC, Dixon
15Melin TregwyntFishguard11.8504.06.2022 12:00:00View Route OnlineT, Sexton
16FishguardCwm-yr-Eglwys9.8304.06.2022 14:00:00View Route OnlineE, Ball
17Cwm-yr-EglwysCeibwr Bay11.7504.06.2022 15:45:00View Route OnlineS, Duthie
18Ceibwr BayCardigan7.5204.06.2022 17:45:00View Route OnlineS, Duthie
South Downs Way - 100 miles

1EastbourneAlfriston10.4304.06.2022 01:15:00View Route OnlineA, Varley
2AlfristonSouthease7.4204.06.2022 03:00:00View Route OnlineD, Evans
3SoutheaseWestmeston11.6404.06.2022 04:15:00View Route OnlineT, Meanwell
4WestmestonUpper Breeding10.0304.06.2022 06:15:00View Route OnlineA, Scott
5Upper BreedingStorrington9.9304.06.2022 08:00:00View Route OnlineP, Vasey
6StorringtonUpwaltham9.3204.06.2022 09:45:00View Route OnlineK, Jesse
7UpwalthamCocking5.2104.06.2022 11:30:00View Route OnlineR, Eagles
8CockingBuriton11.1304.06.2022 12:30:00View Route OnlineM, Rossiter
9BuritonOld Winchester Hill9.2204.06.2022 14:30:00View Route OnlineV, Wright
10Old Winchester HillTemple Valley10.0204.06.2022 16:15:00View Route OnlineT, Mulcare
11Temple ValleyWinchester5.7104.06.2022 18:00:00View Route OnlineC, Molyneux
South West Coast Path - 624 miles

1StudlandDurleston Head9.9231.05.2022 20:00:00View Route OnlineA, Bayliss
2Durleston HeadKimmeridge11.4431.05.2022 21:45:00View Route OnlineTBC
3KimmeridgeDurdle Door8.2301.06.2022 00:00:00View Route OnlineS, Johnson
4Durdle DoorBowleaze Cove7.8201.06.2022 01:30:00View Route OnlineTBC
5Bowleaze CoveChesil Beach6.2101.06.2022 03:00:00View Route OnlineS, Perrett
6Chesil BeachPortland Bill7.2101.06.2022 04:15:00View Route OnlineA, Shakespeare
7Portland BillWyke Regis7.1101.06.2022 05:30:00View Route OnlineG, Glazebrook
8Wyke RegisAbbotsbury10.7201.06.2022 06:45:00View Route OnlineN, Buckwell
9AbbotsburySeatown10.4201.06.2022 08:45:00View Route OnlineM, Chawner-Mennell
10SeatownLyme Regis7.7301.06.2022 10:45:00View Route OnlineS, Peart
11Lyme RegisBeer8.4201.06.2022 12:15:00View Route OnlineJ, Bennett
12BeerSidmouth8.7401.06.2022 14:00:00View Route OnlineR, Coombs
13SidmouthExmouth12.2401.06.2022 15:45:00View Route OnlineB, Matthews
14Dawlish WarrenTeignmouth6.4101.06.2022 18:00:00View Route OnlineC, Fennell
15ShaldonHope's Nose8.7401.06.2022 19:15:00View Route OnlineA, Buckley
16Hope's NoseBroadsands8.2201.06.2022 20:45:00View Route OnlineL, Tier
17BroadsandsSharkham Point5.8101.06.2022 22:15:00View Route OnlineJ, Foster
18Sharkham PointKingswear7.6301.06.2022 23:15:00View Route OnlineJ, Bullock
19DartmouthBeesands10.7402.06.2022 00:45:00View Route OnlineA, Cocker
20BeesandsEast Portlemouth11.5402.06.2022 02:45:00View Route OnlineF, Pearce
21SalcombeBantham11.5402.06.2022 05:00:00View Route OnlineL, Speechly
22BigburyWonwell5.9202.06.2022 07:15:00View Route OnlineM, Sims
23MothecombeNoss Mayo8.7202.06.2022 08:15:00View Route OnlineB, Griffiths
24WemburyLiara Bridge10.7302.06.2022 10:00:00View Route OnlineC, Kelley
25Liara BridgeStonehouse5.2102.06.2022 12:00:00View Route OnlineS, Rushton
26CremyllTregante10.4302.06.2022 13:00:00View Route OnlineJ, Weatherill
27TreganteLooe10.3402.06.2022 15:00:00View Route OnlineC, Sharp
28LooePolruan12.2502.06.2022 17:00:00View Route OnlineH, Lea
29FoweyCarlyon Bay9.1202.06.2022 19:15:00View Route OnlineM, Smerdon
30Carlyon BayMevagissey8.7302.06.2022 21:00:00View Route OnlineG, Casey
31MevagisseyPortloe11.9502.06.2022 22:45:00View Route OnlineL, Cracknell
32PortloePortscatho7.4203.06.2022 01:00:00View Route OnlineTBC
33PortscathoBohortha6.1103.06.2022 02:30:00View Route OnlineM, Round
34FalmouthHelford Passage10.0203.06.2022 03:45:00View Route OnlineM, Frazier
35HelfordPorthoustock9.0203.06.2022 05:45:00View Route OnlineT, Lee
36PorthoustockCadgwith10.6303.06.2022 07:30:00View Route OnlineH, Pickett
37CadgwithMullion10.1303.06.2022 09:30:00View Route OnlineD, Harper
38MullionRinsey10.8403.06.2022 11:30:00View Route OnlineB, Bray
39RinseyPenzance10.2203.06.2022 13:30:00View Route OnlineB, Ferris
40PenzancePenberth10.0303.06.2022 15:30:00View Route OnlineJ, Rolfe
41PenberthGwynver8.8303.06.2022 17:30:00View Route OnlineA, Palmer
42GwynverPortheras8.7303.06.2022 19:15:00View Route OnlineD, Mabbett
43PortherasSt Ives11.5503.06.2022 21:00:00View Route OnlineD, Goddard
44St IvesGwithian9.1203.06.2022 23:15:00View Route OnlineC, Gerrard
45GwithianPorthreath9.6204.06.2022 01:00:00View Route OnlineS, Clemence
46PorthreathTrevellas Cove8.8304.06.2022 02:45:00View Route OnlineJ, Mitchell
47Trevellas CoveCrantock10.7304.06.2022 04:30:00View Route OnlineR, Wadman
48CrantockWatergate Bay10.1204.06.2022 06:30:00View Route OnlineS, Hamilton
49Watergate BayTrevose Head10.7304.06.2022 08:30:00View Route OnlineD, Woodland
50Trevose HeadPadstow9.3204.06.2022 10:30:00View Route OnlineR, Finch
51RockPort Quin8.5204.06.2022 12:15:00View Route OnlineR, Hick
52Port QuinTrebarwith10.0504.06.2022 13:45:00View Route OnlineZ, Binnion
53TrebarwithBoscastle6.6204.06.2022 15:45:00View Route OnlineK, Skelton
54BoscastleCrackington Haven6.9304.06.2022 17:00:00View Route OnlineJ, Farenden
55Crackington HavenBude10.0404.06.2022 18:15:00View Route OnlineL, Hollands
56BudeWelcombe Mouth10.5504.06.2022 20:15:00View Route OnlineJ, Farenden
57Welcombe MouthHartland Point8.3304.06.2022 22:15:00View Route OnlineA, Hawkes
58Hartland PointBuck's Mill11.5504.06.2022 23:45:00View Route OnlineA, Hawkes
59Buck's MillWestward Ho!9.6305.06.2022 02:00:00View Route OnlineD, Bates
60Westward Ho!Instow9.0105.06.2022 03:15:00View Route OnlineZ, Binnion
61InstowChivenor9.7105.06.2022 05:00:00View Route OnlineTBC
62ChivenorCroyde10.2105.06.2022 06:45:00View Route OnlineT, Perkins
63CroydeBull Point9.8305.06.2022 08:45:00View Route OnlineT, Perkins
64Bull PointCombe Martin10.4405.06.2022 10:30:00View Route OnlineS, Cameron
65Combe MartinLee Abbey10.8505.06.2022 12:30:00View Route OnlineM, Thomas
66Lee AbbeyCounty Gate8.6405.06.2022 14:30:00View Route OnlineJ, Monson
67County GateBossington7.8205.06.2022 16:00:00View Route OnlineE, Perry
68BossingtonMinehead7.3105.06.2022 17:30:00View Route OnlineC, Sherdian
The Ridgeway - 87 miles

1West KennettSouthend10.0204.06.2022 06:00:00View Route OnlineM, Jones
2SouthendAshbury9.9204.06.2022 07:30:00View Route OnlineS, Peacock
3AshburyFarnborough10.1204.06.2022 09:00:00View Route OnlineS, Bennett
4FarnboroughStreatley10.3104.06.2022 10:30:00View Route OnlineP, Silverwood
5StreatleyWallingford9.4104.06.2022 12:00:00View Route OnlineF, Jefferis-Boyd
6WallingfordWatlington10.1304.06.2022 13:30:00View Route OnlineM, Page
7WatlingtonMonks Risborough10.0304.06.2022 15:00:00View Route OnlineM, Pank
8Monks RisboroughHastoe9.9304.06.2022 16:30:00View Route OnlineH, Thomas
9HastoeIvinghoe6.9104.06.2022 18:00:00View Route OnlineJ, Nicholls

1700, Wednesday 27.04.22

Final call for runners interested in the Peddars Way, Thames Path and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path relays! If you'd like to be part of the team please complete the ballot form ASAP.

1100, Thursday 21.04.22

The majority of the applicants have now been e-mailed with the outcome of their ballot application.

We will be in touch next Tuesday (26.04.22) with an update to applicants on the following trails:
Fife Coast Path, Hadrian's Wall, Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Sheep's Head Way, Thames Path, Yorkshire Wolds Way

1300, Tuesday 19.04.2022

Thank you to everyone who applied to the NTR 2022 ballot - we had terrific response and all applicants will be contacted shortly.

The following trails are now SOLD OUT:
Cotswold Way, North Downs Way, South Downs Way, South West Coast Path, The Ridgeway

We are still accepting ballot applications for the following trails:
Fife Coast Path, Hadrian's Wall, Offa's Dyke Path, Peddars Way, Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Sheep's Head Way, Thames Path, Yorkshire Wolds Way

Pick your entry type...

North Downs Way
Pembrokeshire Coast Path
South Downs Way
South West Coast Path
The Ridgeway

All event entries include...

30 Day Refund

Full refund if you change your mind within 30 days

full details

Change to another event up until 30 days before

full details

Transfer to a friend up to 14 days before

full details