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7X Challenge
2022/23 Season

It's back! An old favourite for the truly dedicated:

The Endurancelife 7x Challenge

Finish any seven events during the 2022/23 season to complete the "Endurancelife 7x Challenge".

Commit your calendar today to a tough challenge, helping keep you training and focussed over many months. Not only will you have your name in lights but you will also receive a coveted black t-shirt! Your 7x t-shirt will be presented at a special awards ceremony at the Series Send Off at Exmoor in June.

The 2022/23 season line-up:


North York Moors, 08.10.2022

Suffolk, 15.10.2022

Gower, 05.11.2022

Dorset, 26.11.2022


North Cornwall, 14.01.2023

South Devon, 04.02.2023

Northumberland, 25.02.2023

Sussex, 18.03.2023

Giant's Causeway, 15.04.2023

Pembrokeshire, 22.04.2023

Classic Quarter, 20.05.2023

Exmoor, 10.06.2023

It's all about the locations, not the distance classes.

Whilst you need to complete seven different event locations to qualify for the challenge, you can chop and change between different distance classes if you so wish (for example, you might wish to start off with some 10Ks or half marathons before moving on to some marathons or even ultras later in the season).

Could your 7x t-shirt be next off the printing press?

This challenge was borne way back in 2009 when we only hosted 7 events each year - hence the name. Now there is more choice in the portfolio of events which makes completing the challenge a little easier but don't be fooled into thinking this is easy to complete! The proof is in the pudding: the 7x t-shirts are super exclusive with only about 70 ever made.

Pick all seven now or enter one at a time.

There's no need to book all the events in one go, just pick and choose as the season progresses if that works for you. Of course what's important here is putting something in the diary and having something to train for. Our standard booking terms are included on each event location ("Terms" tab) and give you a great degree of flexibility if life takes over (as it often does!) and you need to change you plans.

Choose an event today and start your 7X Challenge journey!