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Vegan Friendly

Plant-powered athletes

Endurance athletes know that what you put in, you get out. That covers everything from training hours and positive attitude to diet. If you’re a plant-based athlete, you needn’t worry about what to eat on the day; Endurancelife trails are always vegan friendly.

Browse the trails, and find your favourite – we’ll provide the sustenance.

“I always say that eating a plant based diet is the secret weapon of enhanced athletic performance.” Rich Roll, Ultra Endurance Athlete and Author.

What we do

Our Endurancelife team are well-versed in health and wellbeing. You want sustenance and peace of mind, so we’ve got your vegan snacks covered.

  • We always have vegan options at our stations, including fruit.
  • Sweet, savoury and drinks are all covered.
  • We’ll always provide packaged food with clear ingredients labels at checkpoints.
  • After party venues are considered for their wide choice of food and drink options, as well as location.

Comprehensive information on your trail food options, and checkpoint snacks are available on request.

[Tip: Looking for a great tasting vegan gel? Checkout out GU Energy whose entire gel range is vegan friendly.]

Thinking of training vegan?

If you’re considering a vegan lifestyle, or are just up for the challenge of a vegan Endurancelife trail, read on for some advice for plant-powered athletes.

Endurancelife trails are designed to test you; and our team is here to support you. If you have any questions about your dietary requirements, contact us.