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CQ 2025 launched!
Classic Quarter 2025 launched!
Classic Quarter
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2100, Tuesday 18.06.2024

Solo launch offer!

Once the event opens for bookings from tomorrow, for one week, we are delighted to offer Solo entries for Classic Quarter 2025 at the 2024 prices!

From 19th until the 25th June (inclusive): £75

From 26th June: £95

We hope you feel confident to take advantage of this great offer!

0900, Monday 17.06.2024

We will be launching Classic Quarter 2025 this coming Wednesday, 8am!

This event (Solo only, not Relays) is part of the Endurancelife 24 - 25 trail running season (September 2024 till July 2025). Runners who complete the Solo category at this event will be awarded points and will be listed in the Season Leader Board. Points are awarded based on performance and can contribute to a participant's overall season score. Good luck!

Check-in! : Please note that we will be asking all registered participants to check in online approximately two weeks from the event. The Check-in process will result in a simpler event experience for you by removing the usual on-the-day administration. Within the Check-in process we will ask you to: 1) Confirm your preferred postal address to enable your participant number to be posted out and 2) Watch the mandatory event safety video.

Welcome to the Endurancelife Classic Quarter - now in it's 19th year!

> > Watch the teaser video here! < <

The Classic Quarter is a relentless Ultra Marathon along the south Cornish coast in the UK from Lizard Point to Land's End. First hosted in 2007 each year the event grows in global reputation.

The task is brutally simple: to run non-stop from the southernmost point of England (Lizard Point), to the western most tip (Lands End), along the legendary South West Coast Path. This translates to running 90 degrees of the compass, hence the name, Classic Quarter.

This Cornwall ultra marathon challenge can be undertaken as a solo, relay team of two or relay of four. The atmosphere is of keen and friendly rivalry.

Following 44 miles of the mesmerising South West Coast Path there are innumerable steep climbs and descents. This is the ultimate trail runner's rush, with spectacular exposure and challenging terrain all just a stone's throw away from the potentially pounding Atlantic swells. There is also the unpredictable weather to contend with; every runner must be well prepared, both mentally and physically.

Over 8,500 runners have signed up to this challenge since 2007.

“Great event, great team and people, fantastic route and scenery - epic!” Manuela Pauley, 2018.

Lizard Point
24 May 2025
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Severe Terrain
Rock, Mud, Trail.
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Solo manual | Spectator info. sheet

Calling all Ultra runners!

Back in 2007, 21 intrepid solo runners set off on this inaugural challenge. The weather was particularly tough that year with 17 finishing the day (the winning time was 08:31:50). Things have moved on a long way since then and the event continues to grow in popularity; in a world with so much choice the Classic Quarter has stood the test of time. This is one for the bucket list and we hope you enjoy it!

4,204 solo runners have signed up for this challenge since 2007.

The solo event of the Classic Quarter is also a part of the 2024-25 Season Leaderboard!

What others have said:

“ Brilliant event. Brutal for a first timer but unforgettable and very well organised.” Jo Lally, 2020

“Great event to be part of - the toughest race I have ever done but really glad I did it.” Bethany, 2018

What’s included?

Fully waymarked

This event is fully waymarked by us over the full 44 miles. No one likes that niggling stress of navigation. You can now relax and focus on your performance.

"Run The Record!"

You’ve got nothing to lose! 2 x £1K in prize money is up for grabs for the winners of this year’s competition if they can beat the current course records. The prize money is offered for both the ladies and the gents competition and is split evenly between the participant and a charity of the participant's choosing. We are fairly sure these times can’t be beaten - are you?

Hall of Fame!

A list of each year's solo winners, ordered by year.
(* denotes current course record)


2024 - Helen Knight - 08:21:18

2023 - Rosalind Wilson - 08:21:14

2022 - Zelah Morrall - 07:04:07

2021 - Lydia Poole - 08:30:30

2020 - Nadine Bennett - 09:25:40

2019 - Amelia Watts - 08:08:06

2018 - Wendy Chapman - 8:09:26

2017 - Sabrina Verjee - 07:50:37

2016 - Zelah Morrall - 07:02:05 *

2015 - Clare Prosser - 07:11:20

2014 - Clare Prosser - 07:14:05

2013 - Sarah Morwood - 07:28:55

2012 - Isobel Wykes - 07:34:42

2011 - Nichola Taylor - 08:07:11

2010 - Kensa Rescorla - 08:25:45

2009 - Claire Akin-Smith - 08:37:15

2008 - Jayne Angilley - 08:01:53

2007 - Kensa Rescorla - 08:44:21


2024 - Peter Le Grice - 06:44:54

2023 - Laurie Luscombe - 06:40:15

2022 - Jamie Stephenson - 06:26:57 *

2021 - Joachim Cassel - 07:18:07

2020 - Jamie Stephenson - 06:45:02

2019 - Alex Van Tuyl - 06:27:00 *

2018 - Alex Van Tuyl - 06:42:12

2017 - Paul Maskell - 06:44:33

2016 - John Ward - 06:50:31

2015 - Pere Capdevila - 06:43:05

2014 - Duncan Oakes - 06:58:18

2013 - Gary Richards - 07:10:21

2012 - Stuart Mills - 06:35:53

2011 - Pete Roper - 06:33:10

2010 - Chris Gilbert - 07:33:23

2009 - Pete Roper - 07:14:26

2008 - Pete Roper - 07:17:35

2007 - Lee Gardiner - 08:31:50

Relay manual | Spectator info. sheet

> > Relays video! < <

Calling all Relays!

Grab your teammates and go! It’s as much fun as it is exhausting as you support each other and charge for Land’s End. But, who will do which leg? What’s the strategy and most importantly who’s buying the pints at the end?!

The Classic Quarter relay events (of two and four runners) have proven themselves to be outstandingly popular fixtures particularly on the club running calendar.

5,017 runners have taken on the relay challenges since 2007.

What others have said

“CQ is a fantastic team event - stunning scenery, great camaraderie”. Jane O'Halloran, 2020.

"I am buzzing from the sense of achievement it gave me only possible from your wonderful helpers at the start and checkpoints and finish. Everyone I met involved with the event were amazing and so encouraging. Thanks." Joanne Tapsell, 2018.


"King and Queen of the Quarter"

This is a sub-competition open to both relays of 2 and 4. The challenge is simple: compete against those of the same sex running the same relay leg as you and whoever records the fastest time of the day will be crowned King / Queen of the Quarter! Your coronation will take place at prize giving where you can take applause from the crowd as we present you with your special Quarter cap.

Hall of Fame!

A list of each year's relay winners, ordered by year.
(* denotes current course record)

Relay 2

2024 - Jonny Colaco & Neil Carter - 06:46:56

2023 - Jordan Kirton & Lewis Kirton - 07:33:10

2022 - Joseph Argall & Phillip Brokenshire - 06:57:34

2021 - Jacob Wood & Neil Eddy - 06:37:55

2020 - Jacob Wood & Neil Eddy - 06:35:38

2019 - Tom Carthey & Jordan Clay - 05:53:46 *

2018 - Joe Argall & Jordan Clay - 06:51:13

2017 - Simon Parry & Jack Williams - 06:34:06

2016 - Tom Carthey & Jacob Dobson - 06:37:52

2015 - David Parrott & Adam Miller - 06:36:34

2014 - Gary Richards & Noel Kindon - 06:13:35

2013 - Phil Bolt & Heidi Tregenza - 06:57:40

2012 - Sam Scott & Paul Scott - 07:22:04

2011 - Karen Harrison & Tim Rowe - 07:13:43

2010 - Richard & Peter - 08:02:18

2009 - Rich Claire & Rob Chrisholm - 07:37:54

Relay 4

2024 - Mark Williams, Thomas Burton, Neil Hayhurst and Jacob Gardner - 06:17:49

2023 - Alex Marples, Steve Reynolds, James Kirton, Tom Wright - 06:04:56

2022 - David Cudby, Alex Marples, Seve Reynolds, Tom Wright - 06:10:05

2021 - Tom Carthey, Ryan Hanley, Louis Ratcliffe, Ruth Barnes - 05:37:50 *

2020 - Craig George, Dan Howes, Stuart Blackie, Daren Mccoll - 06:41:54

2019 - Tristan Stephenson, Patrick Stephenson, Jamie Stephenson, Jo Stephenson - 05:58:52

2018 - Gareth Alexander, Dan Skajariwski, Hugo Pyett, Piran Skajarowski - 06:47:52

2017 - Joe Argall, Matthew Yates, Jordan Clay, Zelah Morrall - 05:48:34

2016 - Andrew Martin, Aaron Benney, Nick Martin, Richard Pascoe - 06:02:35

2015 - Ben Hoadley, Philip Montgomery-Smith, Carol Randall, Peter Le Grice - 05:52:25

2014 - Rachael Thomas, Lee Burrows, Julia Pearce, Adrian Ball - 06:47:47

2013 - Nick Hayden, Sean Hayden, Tim Hayden & Jay Rowe - 06:37:42

2012 - S Abraham, M Curtis, S Timms, M Dowrick - 06:27:12

2011 - P Clothier, S Collier, W Hancock, I Ashton - 06:25:29

2010 - Nancy, Phil, Charlie, Steve - 06:46:52

2009 - Chris Hodge, George Williams, Mark Wreford, Mark Dorrell - 06:33:44

2008 - Mark Dorrell, Suzy Bosustow, Mark Burch, Darren Wrintmore - 06:46:27

2007 - Peter Devenport, Malcolm Devenport, Stuart Girvan, Andrew Langdon - 07:32:41

Although all-female teams are recognised through prizes and on the results table the main event is an ‘open’ competition where teams can be made up of any mix of either sex.

Virtual : Don't forget to connect with us via the official Facebook Event where you can select "Going" or "Interested". Here you can network, ask questions or provide advice to others.

In Person : It's going to be a long day on the trails. Once you've done your duty there's no need to go far. Grab a pint from The Lands End Hotel and watch the action unfold in the finish area. It's a great afternoon / evening with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Food as well as drinks served all day.

Never be locked in

Sign-up with confidence, we are looking forward to delivering your next tough challenge!

  1. If your plans change or you simply change your mind:
    1. You can receive a full refund (no fees or charges) should you change your mind within 30 days of booking (*1). No questions asked. To do so; log onto your account > Orders > Select the desired order number > Cancel > Confirm. It’s as simple as that. (*1 for bookings made more than 3 months prior to the event).
    2. You can chop and change between our whole events portfolio at any time (this includes locations as well as class categories at the same location). Just make sure you do this more than 30 days before the event you are booked on to. To do so; log onto your account > Orders > Select the desired order number > Change > Select the desired (new) event. Admin fees may apply for some changes.
    3. Transfer your entry to a friend. Any time up until 14 days prior to the event. To do so; Log onto your account > Orders > Select the desired order number > Reassign > Enter the desired email address. All reallocated entries must accept the invitation to finalise this process.
  2. Cancellation: You will always be given a full refund (no fees or charges) if the event has to be cancelled and can't be rescheduled.
  3. Postponement: You will always be given the following three options should an event have to be postponed (date changed). You will have one week from the date the event is postponed to make your choice:
    1. Accepting the new event date (this is the default option if you make no choice).
    2. Transferring to one of our other event locations for any date in the future.
    3. A refund (less a booking & card processing fee which will never be more than £10).

Please see FAQs for more help and advice. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Event Add Ons

Coach Transport : Land's End to Lizard @ £25.00 Use this add-on if you wish to take the optional coach transport from the finish (Land's End) to the start (Lizard Point). Available for purchase until 72hrs away from the event or until capacity is reached - whichever comes first.
Event Safety Kit @ £12.00 Event Safety Kit contents: 1 x Whistle, 1 x Foil blanket, 1 x Sterile dressing, 1 x Antiseptic wipe, 2 x Plasters.Event Safety Kit contents: 1 x Whistle, 1 x Foil blanket, 1 x Sterile dressing, 1 x Alcohol free moist wipe, 2 x Plasters. Please collect your event safety kit on the morning of the event.
10 Minute Massage @ £10.80 Reserve a spot now at 10% discount to the on-the-day price! Simply join the queue once you have completed your event, let the massage team know your name and enjoy your guaranteed spot on the table!
Coach Transport : Penzance to Lizard @ £20.00 Use this add-on if you wish to take the optional coach transport from Penzance to the start (Lizard Point). Available for purchase until 72hrs away from the event or until capacity is reached - whichever comes first.

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