The Endurancelife Real Relay is an exciting attempt to follow the entire route of the official Olympic Torch around the British Isles in one continuous non-stop journey, running every step of the way.  Starting out from Land’s End at midnight on Monday 28 May, ten days behind the official Olympic Torch, the Real Relay will involve hundreds of runners from across the British Isles running through the day and night on an 8000 mile mission to reach London in time for the Olympic Games opening ceremony. We’re calling on runners from all over the British Isles to join the relay by signing up to run one or more of the stages (below) and help achieve one of the greatest Olympic endeavours of all time.Read More, select a stage to run below, or help us spread the word - tell your friends

  From   To Miles Date Time Runner
1 Land's End Via Penzance 10 29/05 00:00 Andrew Barker
2 Penzance Via Helston 13.5 29/05 01:40 Steve Phillips
3 Helston Falmouth 12 29/05 03:55 Sarah Kenworthy
4 Falmouth Truro 11 29/05 05:55 Sarah Cave
5 Truro Newquay 16 29/05 07:45 Wanda Summers
6 Newquay St. Stephen 11 29/05 10:25 Lee Lewitt
7 St. Stephen Via Bugle 9.5 29/05 12:15 Tom Sutton
8 Bugle Via Bodmin 7.5 29/05 13:50 Tom Sutton
9 Bodmin Dobwalls 10.5 29/05 15:05 Steve Guard
10 Dobwalls Via Tideford 11 29/05 16:50 Gav Priest
11 Tideford Via Plymouth Hoe 11.5 29/05 18:40 Mark Dalton
12 Plymouth Hoe Via Modbury 12.5 29/05 20:35 James Biggerstaff
13 Modbury Kingsbridge 8 29/05 22:40 Gary Jolliffe
14 Kingsbridge Via Strete 10.5 30/05 00:00 Stuart Parkes
15 Strete Via Tuckenhay 12 30/05 01:45 James Barker
16 Tuckenhay Via Paignton 10 30/05 03:45 Tom Trout
17 Paignton Via Shaldon 10 30/05 05:25 Richard Lander-Stow
18 Shaldon Via Kenton 10 30/05 07:05 William Allan
19 Kenton Exeter 8 30/05 08:45 Tom Woodman
20 Exeter Cheriton Bishop 11 30/05 10:05 Tracy Bennett
21 Cheriton Bishop South Tawton 10 30/05 11:55 Louise Barnes
22 South Tawton Via Hatherleigh 12 30/05 13:35 Damian Pope
23 Hatherleigh Via Great Torrington 13 30/05 15:35 Martin Warren
24 Great Torrington Via Instow 10.5 30/05 17:45 Mags Zaharia
25 Instow Via Wrafton 11 30/05 19:30 Jordan Farenden
26 Wrafton Via Ilfracombe 9 30/05 21:20 Mark Fresch
27 Ilfracombe Via Combe Martin 6 30/05 22:50 Bridget Funnell
28 Combe Martin Via Lynmouth 14 31/05 01:10 Tom Jones
29 Lynmouth Via Porlock 14 31/05 04:40 Phil Richards
30 Porlock Via Carhampton 10.5 31/05 08:10 Lisa Greenfield

indicates strenuous stage


  • The 8000 mile route will be broken down into hundreds of stages. Most stages will be approximately ten miles in distance.  Stages will be added to the table as the relay progresses.
  • All runners who sign up for a stage of the Real Relay are asked to donate a minimum of £10 to CHICKS, a charity providing week-long respite breaks for disadvantaged children from across the UK. Donate online via Virgin Money

  • Runners must be 18yrs or over on the day they complete their stage.

  • In order to arrive in London in time for the Olympic Games opening ceremony, Real Relay runners will need to travel at an average pace of 6mph (10 minutes per mile).  Please do not sign up to take part in the Real Relay if you will be unable to sustain this pace for an entire stage. 

  • Start dates, times and distances for all stages are approximate.  Please be aware that if you sign up to run one of the Real Relay stages your start may be brought forward or delayed. You will need to be flexible!  

  • Runners are responsible for keeping track of the relay’s progress and must make arrangements with the preceding and subsequent runners about the exact time and location of the baton handovers.  Endurancelife will provide you with their contact details.

  • Runners will be required to navigate their own way between the start and finish of their stage. There will be no support crew leading the way or following behind. This means that it is up to individual runners to decide their own route between the start and finish points of their stage. The only condition is that they must go via the communities visited by the official Olympic Torch relay. These communities will appear onscreen when you hover your mouse over the word 'Via' next to any stage. Communities that appear in brackets when you hover over 'Via' are not compulsory but offer a suggested route avoiding motorways etc. NB: Some stages are direct and do not go via any other communities. 

  • Some exceptional stages have been deemed more strenuous than others and therefore extra time has been allowed to complete them. These stages are marked with an asterisk. 

  • To sign up for a stage simply click on the RUN THIS SECTION link next to the stage you want to run.  If there is already someone’s name beside that stage we’re sorry but that means the stage has already been taken. Why not contact the runner and arrange to run the stage with them?  Where people have signed up via Facebook their names will appear as hyperlinks to their Facebook pages, making it easy to get in touch with other runners.
  • Buy the Real Relay T-shirt (proceeds to CHICKS) here


Each runner will carry the same specially designed baton fitted with a Yellowbrick Tracker device.  This means that everyone will be able to follow the Real Relay's progress around the British Isles via this page.  The baton's journey so far is plotted on a map below. It's current location is updated every 30 minutes. You may need to refresh the screen a couple of times to view the map.


This is a gallery of all the great people who are taking part in the Real Relay!
To see photos and videos of the baton on it's journey, go to:



Media Enquiries: 07833 586733
Sign our Petition: We are petitioning Lord Coe to allow us to finish the relay inside the Olympic Stadium on Sunday 22nd July. Please add your name to our online petition here and encourage others to sign up too.
Charity Donations: Even if you’re not able to run one of the stages yourself, please consider making a donation to the Real Relay official charity CHICKS. This is a wonderful charity providing week long respite breaks for disadvantaged children from across the British Isles. You can make a donation via the Virgin Money website