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Team Endurancelife is for ANYONE who loves tough challenges in inspiring locations.
We just love to get out there - leaving the rat race behind to explore some spectacular new terrain - the more gnarly and dirty the better! Our single-minded aim is to get adrenalin pumping, legs burning, and lungs bursting.  When it comes down to it we just love to feel alive, and we will try pretty much anything that helps us achieve this goal, after all that’s what real adventure is all about.

No matter where in the world you are, if you share our philosophy then join us today!

There are three ways to become part of the coolest multi-sport team in the world:-

1) Join our Facebook community - Totally free, and a great way to get involved. Swap hints and tips, share stories and photos and connect with people who will support and encourage your ambitions and congratulate you when you achieve them! 

2) Become an official Team member - Buy an annual Membership pack to become a fully paid up Team Endurancelife member and start racing/training/exploring under the team colours. Membership packs include some fantastic Team EL branded kit so you can let the world know you have an Endurancelife, and members receive a number of special offers and privileges.

3) Apply to be an Endurancelife Ambassador - The Endurancelife Ambassadors are a select group of amateur athletes who live for challenge and love to explore inspiring new landscapes. Through their determination to try new things, visit exciting places and never, never, never give up the Endurancelife Ambassadors (ELA’s) embody the soul and spirit of Endurancelife and define the Endurance-lifestyle. If this sounds like you then we would love to hear from you.