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22% Booked

Half Marathon

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20% Booked

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Running here will nourish your soul like nowhere else on earth. The Northumberland coastline boasts some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in the UK and is best known for its sweeping sandy beaches, rolling dunes, high rocky cliffs, and isolated islands. This striking landscape is steeped in history and there are few sights on earth that compare with Bamburgh Castle and its expansive and exposed bayside setting.

A host of conservation sites, including two National Nature Reserves, testify to the great variety of wildlife and habitats found in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Once here, you will feel as far removed from the pressures of modern life as it is possible to be, so lace those trail shoes tight, take a deep breath and tune into the wind and waves as you let the stunning widescreen panorama unfold!


Event Base





Bamburgh Castle
NE69 7DF
Bamburgh Castle
Alnwick Castle
2: Moderate


2018 Results
2017 Results
Previous Results


Course Map

[Start Locations]


2017 Event Video

Half Marathon
Average Time M 01:03:53
Average Time M 01:55:59
Average Time F 01:11:43
Average Time F 02:10:20
Fastest Time M Dylan Matthews
00:40:12 (13)

Fastest Time M Will Brewin
01:22:45 (17)
Fastest Time F Jen Wood
00:50:06 (16)

Fastest Time F Megan Wright
01:33:28 (11)
Slowest Time 02:04:27
Slowest Time 03:22:25
Distance 6.5 Miles
Distance 12.9 Miles
GPX Data
GPX Data
Ascent 165 ft
Ascent 344 ft

Average Time M 04:23:51
Average Time M 05:29:46
Average Time F 04:40:52
Average Time F N/A
Fastest Time M Stephen Edwards
03:11:58 (17)

Fastest Time M Patrik Verme
04:10:19 (17)
Fastest Time F Charmaine Horsfall (16)
Fastest Time F Sabrina Verjee
05:03:46 (17)
Slowest Time 07:37:18
Slowest Time 08:30:22
Distance 27.2 Miles
Distance 35.17 Miles
GPX Data
GPX Data
Ascent  1,342 ft
Ascent 1,765 ft


Please Note:
Distances, maps, and routes may change> GPX Data and distances should be used only as a guide. Performance stats above relate to all event years, except where routes have changed - in which case the stats are based upon the most recent event

* Data file provided is for the full Marathon course. Due to the linear nature of all the routes, this also encompasses the Half and 10K.

Event Details

Unlike other stages in The Series, all Northumberland CTS courses are linear in format. Car parking and event registration will take place at Bamburgh Castle - and this will also be the finish point for each course. A free transfer bus is provided to move participants to their respective start points. Times are shown below and a map of your start location (and facilities) can be viewed here. You are very welcome to travel to the start on your own but you are still required to register at Bamburgh Castle and attend the briefing in the allotted time slots below.

There is a bag drop area at Bamburgh Castle and you will be required to board the bus ready to run. We will be happy to collect individual items on the start line, such as hoodies or warm trousers, however, we will not be able to transport shoes or kit bags ( nor is there a facility to leave anything on the bus in which you will be traveling). Please make sure any items you intend to leave with us on the start line are individually named or marked.

Dogs are permitted on the bus transport and along the courses, but they are not allowed within Bamburgh castle walls. Please plan accordingly as both registration and the finish line are located within the castle compound.

Please register only within your allotted time slots below.


Ultra Marathon Half Marathon 10K
Registration 0650-0715 0720-0820 0830-0930 0945-1030
Briefing 0720 0830 0940 1100
Bus Departs 0740 0850 1000 1120
Start (approx.) 0820 0930 1050 1155

Starts will take place shortly after the arrival of the shuttle buses (we do not specify an exact time). 

Please click here to read in more detail about how the Starts of each event may be conducted on the day (subject to capacity), and here to read more about course closure and cut-off times.

Your participant number will be on display at registration on event day. Paper running numbers, electronic timing chips, and all other items will be issued at Registration; nothing will be sent to you through the post prior to the event.


Car parking is provided free at this CTS Event.

Please follow signage and Marshals' instructions upon arrival. Due to the small, sensitive locations used for the CTS events, in some instances parking may be located a short walk from the event base - a nice little warm up! We also ask, due to contingency arrangements, that you bring some change for car parking in case you are required to park in our backup locations (in such instances you may well also be taken by bus to the event - so please be aware of this too!). Your patience when such situations occur is very much appreciated. Endurancelife strongly advocates car sharing and our Facebook page is a good medium for this.


Shop: Energy bars, gels, bags, bottles, and other trail running essentials.
Café: Tea, coffee, confectionery, etc.
Loos (There are toilet facilities at Bamburgh Castle, at the Half Marathon and 10K starts, but not at the Ultra and Marathon starts).
Changing / Bag-drop areas (unsecured).

Mandatory Kit

Endurancelife events involve being out in remote areas for extended periods. Your safety is your responsibility and the correct equipment is vital for your well-being.

We check kit either before, during or after crossing the finish line. Those found without the minimum mandatory kit will be disqualified; no exceptions will be given.

In rare circumstances certain kit may be deemed unnecessary; this will be communicated during the event briefing on event day. However, please NB this is highly unlikely.

Although not mandatory, basic (Half Marathon) kit is highly recommended for 10K runners.

We recommend trail running shoes for all categories.

Ultra +
Half Mara
Windproof Jacket (or waterproof)
Water bottle/system (500ml min)
First Aid Kit (2 plasters, 1 antiseptic wipe, 1 wound dressing)

Foil Blanket
Energy Bar / Snacks
Mobile Phone
Money (£20 cash)

Hat (or multi functional headwear)


Head Torch

If you wish to purchase items now, then please visit our online shop - from here you may also reserve items, just order online and select "Collect From Event" to pick up on event day morning.

Mandatory kit packs including; a foil blanket, a whistle, and a basic first aid kit will be available to purchase at the event. 


All Courses:
Male & Female - Pl 1, 2, 3 (subject to number of participants in each category) in: U20, Open, V45, V50, V55, V60
Bigbury Mint medals - Pl 1, 2, 3
Loads of great spot prizes!
Getting There

International airport: Newcastle International Airport
Regional airport: Newcastle International Airport
Main line train station: Alnmouth
Main line coach station: Newcastle

Plan your journey with:
Post Event Party

The official Afterparty for this event is TBC.